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Category Listing for anatomy:

NameCategoryKey TypeKey Id
img Right iliopectineal bursaanatomyCUIC1184727
img Right iliopsoasanatomyCUIC0932488
img Right iliopsoas fasciaanatomyCUIC0738809
img Right iliopubic eminenceanatomyCUIC0735699
img Right iliopubic tractanatomyCUIC0738909
img Right iliotibial tractanatomyCUIC0929826
img Right iliumanatomyCUIC0735430
img Right incisive canalanatomyCUIC0930044
img Right incisivus labii inferiorisanatomyCUIC0922698
img Right incisivus labii superiorisanatomyCUIC0922696
img Right incudomallear jointanatomyCUIC0931417
img Right incudostapedial jointanatomyCUIC0931419
img Right incusanatomyCUIC1183764
img Right index fingeranatomyCUIC0930959
img Right index finger surfaceanatomyCUIC0817982
img Right inferior alveolar arteryanatomyCUIC0923134
img Right inferior alveolar nerveanatomyCUIC0925657
img Right inferior anal nerveanatomyCUIC0739918
img Right inferior anastomotic veinanatomyCUIC0934184
img Right inferior apophyseal processanatomyCUIC0504676
img Right inferior articular facet of atlasanatomyCUIC0816918
img Right inferior articular process of axisanatomyCUIC0816996
img Right inferior articular process of cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0816909
img Right inferior articular process of eighth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0505918
img Right inferior articular process of eleventh thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0506099
img Right inferior articular process of fifth cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0818904
img Right inferior articular process of fifth lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0735084
img Right inferior articular process of fifth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0505858
img Right inferior articular process of first lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0735076
img Right inferior articular process of first thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0506009
img Right inferior articular process of fourth cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0818858
img Right inferior articular process of fourth lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0735082
img Right inferior articular process of fourth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0505840
img Right inferior articular process of lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0933067
img Right inferior articular process of ninth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0505938
img Right inferior articular process of second lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0735078
img Right inferior articular process of second thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0506034
img Right inferior articular process of seventh cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0818990
img Right inferior articular process of seventh thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0505900
img Right inferior articular process of sixth cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0818947
img Right inferior articular process of sixth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0505878
img Right inferior articular process of tenth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0506076
img Right inferior articular process of third cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0817149
img Right inferior articular process of third lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0735080
img Right inferior articular process of third thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0505822
img Right inferior articular process of twelfth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0506122
img Right inferior articular process of vertebraanatomyCUIC0507298
img Right inferior basal venous trunkanatomyCUIC1178874
img Right inferior carotid triangleanatomyCUIC0931903
img Right inferior central retinal arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1185046
img Right inferior cerebellar veinanatomyCUIC0925125
img Right inferior cervical ganglionanatomyCUIC0502206
img Right inferior cervical vertebral notchanatomyCUIC0920888
img Right inferior choroid veinanatomyCUIC0934168
img Right inferior conjunctival fornixanatomyCUIC0929989
img Right inferior constrictoranatomyCUIC0921093
img Right inferior costal facet of body of eighth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0506056
img Right inferior costal facet of body of fifth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0505989
img Right inferior costal facet of body of first thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0505997
img Right inferior costal facet of body of fourth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0505983
img Right inferior costal facet of body of ninth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0507602
img Right inferior costal facet of body of second thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0506015
img Right inferior costal facet of body of seventh thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0506049
img Right inferior costal facet of body of sixth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0506042
img Right inferior costal facet of body of third thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0505978
img Right inferior costal facet of body of vertebraanatomyCUIC0507309
img Right inferior dental nerve plexusanatomyCUIC0925670
img Right inferior epigastric arterial trunkanatomyCUIC0933571
img Right inferior epigastric arteryanatomyCUIC0738851
img Right inferior epigastric veinanatomyCUIC0739278
img Right inferior epigastric venous trunkanatomyCUIC0933772
img Right inferior fibular retinaculumanatomyCUIC0924088
img Right inferior frontal gyrusanatomyCUIC2338392
img Right inferior genicular arteryanatomyCUIC0815892
img Right inferior glenohumeral ligamentanatomyCUIC0827198
img Right inferior gluteal arterial trunkanatomyCUIC0933524
img Right inferior gluteal arteryanatomyCUIC0737413
img Right inferior gluteal lineanatomyCUIC0735708
img Right inferior gluteal nerveanatomyCUIC0835917
img Right inferior gluteal veinanatomyCUIC0737443
img Right inferior horn of thyroid cartilageanatomyCUIC0926995
img Right inferior hypophyseal arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1185012
img Right inferior hypophyseal arteryanatomyCUIC0923249
img Right inferior labial arteryanatomyCUIC0923042
img Right inferior labial veinanatomyCUIC0925201
img Right inferior labial venous trunkanatomyCUIC1186401
img Right inferior lacrimal canalicular wallanatomyCUIC0930424
img Right inferior lacrimal canaliculusanatomyCUIC0930400
img Right inferior lacrimal punctumanatomyCUIC0930409
img Right inferior laryngeal arterial trunkanatomyCUIC0933589
img Right inferior laryngeal arteryanatomyCUIC0925162
img Right inferior lateral deep cervical lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2340330
img Right inferior lateral genicular arteryanatomyCUIC0834652
img Right inferior lobar bronchial submucosaanatomyCUIC1179335
img Right inferior lobar bronchial wallanatomyCUIC1179195
img Right inferior lobar bronchusanatomyCUIC0225621
img Right inferior longitudinal muscle of tongueanatomyCUIC0921146
img Right inferior macular arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1185059
img Right inferior macular arterioleanatomyCUIC0924725
img Right inferior macular veinanatomyCUIC0924777
img Right inferior medial genicular arteryanatomyCUIC0834650
img Right inferior nasal conchaanatomyCUIC0926632
img Right inferior nasal concha surfaceanatomyCUIC0928937
img Right inferior nasal meatusanatomyCUIC0935305
img Right inferior nasal retinal arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1185050
img Right inferior nasal retinal veinanatomyCUIC0924781
img Right inferior obliqueanatomyCUIC0922669
img Right inferior oblique tendonanatomyCUIC0935266
img Right inferior occipital gyrusanatomyCUIC2953451
img Right inferior ophthalmic veinanatomyCUIC0924187
img Right inferior orbital fissureanatomyCUIC0926684
img Right inferior orbital veinanatomyCUIC0924467
img Right inferior palpabral veinanatomyCUIC0923959
img Right inferior palpebral arch trunkanatomyCUIC1185166
img Right inferior palpebral sulcusanatomyCUIC0930130
img Right inferior parathyroid gland stromaanatomyCUIC0934499
img Right inferior parietal lobuleanatomyCUIC2323466
img Right inferior petrosal sinusanatomyCUIC0935205
img Right inferior petrosal sinus from inferior cerebellum tributaryanatomyCUIC0925155
img Right inferior petrosal sinus from medullary oblongata tributaryanatomyCUIC0925151
img Right inferior petrosal sinus from pons tributaryanatomyCUIC0925153
img Right inferior phrenic arterial trunkanatomyCUIC0933565
img Right inferior phrenic arteryanatomyCUIC0734072
img Right inferior phrenic veinanatomyCUIC1180466
img Right inferior phrenic venous trunkanatomyCUIC1180464
img Right inferior pubic ramusanatomyCUIC0735760
img Right inferior pulmonary vein part of pericardial sacanatomyCUIC2330789
img Right inferior pulmonary venous trunkanatomyCUIC1254138
img Right inferior rectal arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1182028
img Right inferior rectal arteryanatomyCUIC0738972
img Right inferior rectal veinanatomyCUIC0739414
img Right inferior rectusanatomyCUIC0934028
img Right inferior rectus tendonanatomyCUIC0926251
img Right inferior semilunar lobuleanatomyCUIC2330042
img Right inferior subscapular nerveanatomyCUIC0932693
img Right inferior suprarenal arteryanatomyCUIC1181475
img Right inferior tarsal muscleanatomyCUIC0922675
img Right inferior temporal gyrusanatomyCUIC2331003
img Right inferior temporal lineanatomyCUIC0928840
img Right inferior temporal retinal arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1185053
img Right inferior temporal retinal veinanatomyCUIC0924785
img Right inferior temporal veinanatomyCUIC0934209
img Right inferior thalamostriate veinanatomyCUIC0924219
img Right inferior thyroid arterial trunkanatomyCUIC0933551
img Right inferior thyroid arteryanatomyCUIC0504811
img Right inferior thyroid tubercleanatomyCUIC0926985
img Right inferior thyroid veinanatomyCUIC0501119
img Right inferior thyroid venous trunkanatomyCUIC0935085
img Right inferior tibiofibular jointanatomyCUIC0827012
img Right inferior transverse frontopolar gyrusanatomyCUIC2950058
img Right inferior transverse scapular ligamentanatomyCUIC0818552
img Right inferior ulnar collateral arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1185496
img Right inferior ulnar collateral arteryanatomyCUIC0816005
img Right inferior ventricular veinanatomyCUIC0924224
img Right inferior vertebral notch of axisanatomyCUIC0819018
img Right inferior vertebral notch of fifth cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0819022
img Right inferior vertebral notch of fourth cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0819020
img Right inferior vertebral notch of seventh cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0819026
img Right inferior vertebral notch of sixth cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0819024
img Right inferior vertebral notch of third cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0817551
img Right inferior vesical arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1182202
img Right inferior vesical arteryanatomyCUIC0737380
img Right inferior vesical veinanatomyCUIC0737429
img Right inferior vestibular nucleusanatomyCUIC0926547
img Right inferolateral surface of prostateanatomyCUIC0738006
img Right inferolateral surface of urinary bladderanatomyCUIC0734944
img Right infra-auricular lymph nodeanatomyCUIC1186423
img Right infra-auricular lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2326674
img Right infra-orbital arteryanatomyCUIC0923186
img Right infra-orbital canalanatomyCUIC0930003
img Right infra-orbital foramenanatomyCUIC0929086
img Right infra-orbital grooveanatomyCUIC0929108
img Right infra-orbital nerveanatomyCUIC0925464
img Right infraclavicular lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2330215
img Right infraclavicular part of chestanatomyCUIC0931838
img Right infracolic compartmentanatomyCUIC0734052
img Right infracolic space properanatomyCUIC0739031
img Right infraglenoid tubercleanatomyCUIC0816438
img Right infrahyoid arteryanatomyCUIC0922980
img Right infrahyoid bursaanatomyCUIC1184732
img Right infrahyoid lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2336516
img Right infrahyoid muscle groupanatomyCUIC0825097
img Right inframammary creaseanatomyCUIC0926972
img Right inframammary foldanatomyCUIC1180244
img Right inframammary part of chestanatomyCUIC0827121
img Right infraorbital nerve plexusanatomyCUIC0925724
img Right infrascapular part of backanatomyCUIC1184344
img Right infraspinatusanatomyCUIC0824572
img Right infraspinatus fasciaanatomyCUIC0929572
img Right infraspinatus tendonanatomyCUIC0829878
img Right infraspinous fossaanatomyCUIC0816444
img Right infratemporal crestanatomyCUIC0926677
img Right infratrochlear nerveanatomyCUIC0925307
img Right infundibulopelvic ligamentanatomyCUIC0738137
img Right inguinal canalanatomyCUIC0459928
img Right inguinal foldanatomyCUIC0935054
img Right inguinal ligamentanatomyCUIC0815411
img Right inguinal ligament properanatomyCUIC0932537
img Right inguinal lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2327637
img Right inguinal regionanatomyCUIC0230318
img Right inner ear structureanatomyCUIC0229446
img Right innermost intercostal muscles setanatomyCUIC1183794
img Right insulaanatomyCUIC2331118
img Right insular arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1185238
img Right insular arteryanatomyCUIC0934135
img Right insular veinanatomyCUIC0924216
img Right intercollicular veinanatomyCUIC0924263
img Right intercornual ligamentanatomyCUIC0739575
img Right intercostal lymph nodeanatomyCUIC0506694
img Right intercostal muscles setanatomyCUIC1183785
img Right intercuneiform interosseous ligamentanatomyCUIC0834938
img Right intercuneiform jointanatomyCUIC0827029
img Right interfoveolar ligamentanatomyCUIC0738911
img Right interlobar bronchial wallanatomyCUIC1179198
img Right intermediate cuneiform bone surfaceanatomyCUIC0825463
img Right intermediate dorsal cutaneous nerveanatomyCUIC0835937
img Right intermediate femoral cutaneous nerveanatomyCUIC0835844
img Right intermediate ganglionanatomyCUIC0501913
img Right intermediate minor calixanatomyCUIC0737289
img Right intermediate nerveanatomyCUIC0934347
img Right intermediate postvertebral muscles setanatomyCUIC0824629
img Right intermediate supraclavicular nerveanatomyCUIC0935285
img Right internal acoustic meatusanatomyCUIC0927617
img Right internal auditory veinanatomyCUIC0925088
img Right internal carotid arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1184980
img Right internal carotid venous plexusanatomyCUIC0925178
img Right internal cerebral veinanatomyCUIC0924016
img Right internal iliac arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1182350
img Right internal iliac lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2326834
img Right internal iliac veinanatomyCUIC0737425
img Right internal iliac venous trunkanatomyCUIC0933768
img Right internal intercostal muscles setanatomyCUIC1183792
img Right internal jugular vein properanatomyCUIC0923898
img Right internal obliqueanatomyCUIC0507619
img Right internal pudendal arterial trunkanatomyCUIC0933520
img Right internal pudendal arteryanatomyCUIC0737386
img Right internal pudendal veinanatomyCUIC0737447
img Right internal scleral sulcusanatomyCUIC0929596
img Right internal thoracic arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1185411
img Right internal thoracic veinanatomyCUIC0501120
img Right internal vertebral venous plexus of lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0737574
img Right internal vertebral venous plexus of sacral vertebraanatomyCUIC0737586
img Right internal vertebral venous plexus of thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0737562
img Right interosseous intercarpal ligamentanatomyCUIC0833224
img Right interosseous intermetatarsal ligamentanatomyCUIC0835111
img Right interosseous muscle groupanatomyCUIC0833299
img Right interosseous sacroiliac ligamentanatomyCUIC0739549
img Right interosseous talocalcaneal ligamentanatomyCUIC0834999
img Right interpeduncular veinanatomyCUIC0924265
img Right interspinalis cervicisanatomyCUIC0816143
img Right interspinalis thoracisanatomyCUIC0816141
img Right interspinalis thoracis tendonanatomyCUIC0922339
img Right interspinous muscle groupanatomyCUIC0825049
img Right intertarsal jointanatomyCUIC0834990
img Right intertragic incisureanatomyCUIC0931636
img Right intertransverse muscle groupanatomyCUIC0825051
img Right intestinal lymphatic trunkanatomyCUIC0735452
img Right intraglandular lymph nodeanatomyCUIC1186425
img Right intralimbic gyrusanatomyCUIC2950182
img Right intraorbital fat padanatomyCUIC0929982
img Right intrinsic muscle group of tongueanatomyCUIC0926614
img Right irisanatomyCUIC0929498
img Right iris stromaanatomyCUIC0929655
img Right ischial ramusanatomyCUIC0735772
img Right ischial spineanatomyCUIC0735791
img Right ischial tuberosityanatomyCUIC0735774
img Right ischio-anal fossaanatomyCUIC0815460
img Right ischio-anal fossa properanatomyCUIC0822072
img Right ischiocavernosusanatomyCUIC0739970
img Right ischiofemoral ligamentanatomyCUIC0833823
img Right ischiopubic ramusanatomyCUIC0834323
img Right ischiumanatomyCUIC0735432
img Right jugular bodyanatomyCUIC0923917
img Right jugular foramenanatomyCUIC0927944
img Right jugular fossaanatomyCUIC0927942
img Right jugular lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2337919
img Right jugular lymphatic treeanatomyCUIC0933324
img Right jugular lymphatic tree properanatomyCUIC2950976
img Right jugular lymphatic trunkanatomyCUIC0506221
img Right jugular venous archanatomyCUIC0934158
img Right jugular venous arch trunkanatomyCUIC1186352
img Right jugulo-omohyoid lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2336289
img Right jugulodigastric lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2328421
img Right kidneyanatomyCUIC0227613
img Right knee jointanatomyCUIC0827004
img Right knee surfaceanatomyCUIC0818052
img Right labium majusanatomyCUIC0738569
img Right labium majus skinanatomyCUIC0738644
img Right labium majus surfaceanatomyCUIC0820402
img Right labium minusanatomyCUIC0738579
img Right labium minus skinanatomyCUIC0738646
img Right labium minus surfaceanatomyCUIC0820405
img Right lacrimal apparatusanatomyCUIC0930260
img Right lacrimal arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1185081
img Right lacrimal boneanatomyCUIC0925966
img Right lacrimal bone surfaceanatomyCUIC0928940
img Right lacrimal canalicular wallanatomyCUIC0935341
img Right lacrimal canaliculusanatomyCUIC0930404
img Right lacrimal caruncleanatomyCUIC2334786
img Right lacrimal ductanatomyCUIC0931551
img Right lacrimal gland structureanatomyCUIC0229281
img Right lacrimal grooveanatomyCUIC0928997
img Right lacrimal hamulusanatomyCUIC0928991
img Right lacrimal lakeanatomyCUIC0930375
img Right lacrimal nerveanatomyCUIC0925252
img Right lacrimal nerve properanatomyCUIC0925256
img Right lacrimal punctumanatomyCUIC0930258
img Right lacrimal sacanatomyCUIC0930378
img Right lacrimal sac wallanatomyCUIC0930506
img Right lacrimal veinanatomyCUIC0924720
img Right lacrimoconchal sutureanatomyCUIC0925512
img Right lacrimomaxillary sutureanatomyCUIC0925492
img Right lacunar ligamentanatomyCUIC0932523
img Right lamina of axisanatomyCUIC0816963
img Right lamina of cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0816903
img Right lamina of eighth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0506059
img Right lamina of eleventh thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0506087
img Right lamina of falciform ligamentanatomyCUIC0739251
img Right lamina of fifth cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0818873
img Right lamina of fifth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0505992
img Right lamina of first sacral segmentanatomyCUIC0824003
img Right lamina of first thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0506000
img Right lamina of fourth cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0818830
img Right lamina of fourth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0505985
img Right lamina of lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0735086
img Right lamina of ninth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0506064
img Right lamina of second lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0735090
img Right lamina of second thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0506020
img Right lamina of seventh cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0818962
img Right lamina of seventh thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0506052
img Right lamina of sixth cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0818919
img Right lamina of sixth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0506045
img Right lamina of tenth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0506069
img Right lamina of third cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0817114
img Right lamina of third lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0735092
img Right lamina of third thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0505973
img Right lamina of thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0505971
img Right lamina of twelfth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0506110
img Right lamina of vertebraanatomyCUIC0505965
img Right laryngeal sacculeanatomyCUIC0932256
img Right laryngeal ventricleanatomyCUIC0932254
img Right laryngeal ventricle properanatomyCUIC0932258
img Right lateral accessory saphenous veinanatomyCUIC0835028
img Right lateral ampullary nerveanatomyCUIC0925819
img Right lateral aortic lymph nodeanatomyCUIC0735439
img Right lateral aortic lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2334681
img Right lateral arcuate ligamentanatomyCUIC0929537
img Right lateral atlanto-axial jointanatomyCUIC0817713
img Right lateral basal branch of variant right bronchial arteryanatomyCUIC0824115
img Right lateral basal segmental bronchial venous trunkanatomyCUIC1181514
img Right lateral basal segmental bronchial wallanatomyCUIC1179227
img Right lateral basal segmental lymphatic tree trunkanatomyCUIC1181435
img Right lateral basal segmental venous trunkanatomyCUIC1181147
img Right lateral border of sternumanatomyCUIC0502479
img Right lateral brachial veinanatomyCUIC1186457
img Right lateral brachial venous trunkanatomyCUIC1186450
img Right lateral branch of variant right bronchial arteryanatomyCUIC0824110
img Right lateral calcanean arteryanatomyCUIC1181898
img Right lateral cervical ligamentanatomyCUIC0737622
img Right lateral cervical lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2335864
img Right lateral chestanatomyCUIC0818149
img Right lateral chest skinanatomyCUIC0504610
img Right lateral circumflex femoral arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1186026
img Right lateral circumflex femoral arteryanatomyCUIC0738949
img Right lateral circumflex femoral veinanatomyCUIC0835533
img Right lateral costodiaphragmatic recessanatomyCUIC0929234
img Right lateral crico-arytenoidanatomyCUIC0921051
img Right lateral cricothyroid ligamentanatomyCUIC0926955
img Right lateral cuneiform bone surfaceanatomyCUIC0825465
img Right lateral deep cervical lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2329082
img Right lateral diaphragmatic lymph nodeanatomyCUIC0501426
img Right lateral femoral cutaneous nerveanatomyCUIC0735380
img Right lateral femoral cutaneous neural trunkanatomyCUIC0932838
img Right lateral fornix of vaginaanatomyCUIC0738260
img Right lateral frontobasal arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1185262
img Right lateral frontobasal arteryanatomyCUIC0935192
img Right lateral funiculusanatomyCUIC2336073
img Right lateral funiculus of medulla oblongataanatomyCUIC2336714
img Right lateral glosso-epiglottic foldanatomyCUIC0926942
img Right lateral gray column of spinal cordanatomyCUIC2323233
img Right lateral inferior genicular arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1181624
img Right lateral inguinal fossa (space)anatomyCUIC0735417
img Right lateral ischiofemoral ligamentanatomyCUIC0834053
img Right lateral lacunaanatomyCUIC0924933
img Right lateral ligament of bladderanatomyCUIC0737626
img Right lateral lumbar intertransversariusanatomyCUIC0816149
img Right lateral malleolar arterial networkanatomyCUIC1181910
img Right lateral malleolusanatomyCUIC0827231
img Right lateral marginal veinanatomyCUIC0835492
img Right lateral mass of atlasanatomyCUIC0816911
img Right lateral medial intermuscular septumanatomyCUIC0929985
img Right lateral meniscusanatomyCUIC0835283
img Right lateral mesencephalic veinanatomyCUIC0924260
img Right lateral nasal cartilageanatomyCUIC0934704
img Right lateral occipital gyrusanatomyCUIC2334048
img Right lateral orbital gyrusanatomyCUIC2331833
img Right lateral palpebral arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1185094
img Right lateral palpebral commissureanatomyCUIC0930224
img Right lateral palpebral rapheanatomyCUIC0932081
img Right lateral paracolic gutteranatomyCUIC0734058
img Right lateral parietal serous pericardiumanatomyCUIC0734918
img Right lateral part of abdomenanatomyCUIC1183724
img Right lateral part of chestanatomyCUIC0931859
img Right lateral part of neckanatomyCUIC1278669
img Right lateral part of occipital boneanatomyCUIC0925404
img Right lateral part of sacrumanatomyCUIC0735118
img Right lateral part proper of sacrumanatomyCUIC0824506
img Right lateral patellar retinaculumanatomyCUIC0835253
img Right lateral pectoral nerveanatomyCUIC0932688
img Right lateral pectoral neural trunkanatomyCUIC0932826
img Right lateral pectoral regionanatomyCUIC0931841
img Right lateral pharyngeal bandanatomyCUIC0926874
img Right lateral pharyngeal spaceanatomyCUIC0926856
img Right lateral plantar arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1181742
img Right lateral plantar arteryanatomyCUIC0834677
img Right lateral plantar nerveanatomyCUIC0836020
img Right lateral pontine veinanatomyCUIC0924246
img Right lateral posterior superior nasal nerveanatomyCUIC0925350
img Right lateral pterygoidanatomyCUIC0922650
img Right lateral pterygoid tendonanatomyCUIC0926210
img Right lateral rectusanatomyCUIC0922672
img Right lateral rectus tendonanatomyCUIC0926477
img Right lateral sacral arterial trunkanatomyCUIC0933531
img Right lateral sacral arteryanatomyCUIC0737400
img Right lateral sacral lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2327491
img Right lateral sacral veinanatomyCUIC0737439
img Right lateral sacrococcygeal ligamentanatomyCUIC0739572
img Right lateral scapular arteryanatomyCUIC1182508
img Right lateral semicircular canalanatomyCUIC0930839
img Right lateral semicircular canal properanatomyCUIC0930858
img Right lateral sinusanatomyCUIC0923881
img Right lateral superficial chest wallanatomyCUIC0923396
img Right lateral superior deep cervical lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2330506
img Right lateral superior genicular arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1181615
img Right lateral superior genicular arteryanatomyCUIC0815912
img Right lateral supraclavicular nerveanatomyCUIC0926907
img Right lateral sural arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1181629
img Right lateral sural cutaneous nerveanatomyCUIC0835931
img Right lateral surface of abdominal part of esophagusanatomyCUIC0836175
img Right lateral surface of body of axisanatomyCUIC0816986
img Right lateral surface of body of cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0920885
img Right lateral surface of body of eighth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0820585
img Right lateral surface of body of eleventh thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0820591
img Right lateral surface of body of fifth cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0819573
img Right lateral surface of body of fifth lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0735153
img Right lateral surface of body of fifth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0820579
img Right lateral surface of body of first lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0735145
img Right lateral surface of body of first thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0820571
img Right lateral surface of body of fourth cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0819529
img Right lateral surface of body of fourth lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0735151
img Right lateral surface of body of fourth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0820577
img Right lateral surface of body of ninth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0820587
img Right lateral surface of body of second lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0735147
img Right lateral surface of body of second thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0820573
img Right lateral surface of body of seventh cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0819661
img Right lateral surface of body of seventh thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0820583
img Right lateral surface of body of sixth cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0819617
img Right lateral surface of body of sixth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0820581
img Right lateral surface of body of tenth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0820589
img Right lateral surface of body of third cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0817516
img Right lateral surface of body of third lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0735149
img Right lateral surface of body of third thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0820575
img Right lateral surface of body of twelfth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0820593
img Right lateral surface of cervical part of esophagusanatomyCUIC0836171
img Right lateral surface of esophagusanatomyCUIC0738234
img Right lateral surface of fibrous pericardiumanatomyCUIC0504615
img Right lateral surface of thoracic part of esophagusanatomyCUIC0836173
img Right lateral surface of vomeranatomyCUIC0929060
img Right lateral talocalcaneal ligamentanatomyCUIC0834992
img Right lateral tarsal arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1181718
img Right lateral tarsal arteryanatomyCUIC1181672
img Right lateral thoracic arterial trunkanatomyCUIC0933630
img Right lateral thoracic arteryanatomyCUIC0815989
img Right lateral thoracic veinanatomyCUIC1182894
img Right lateral thoracic venous trunkanatomyCUIC1186375
img Right lateral thoracic wallanatomyCUIC0923394
img Right lateral thyrohyoid ligamentanatomyCUIC0926887
img Right lateral umbilical foldanatomyCUIC0735400
img Right lateral vestibular nucleusanatomyCUIC0935273
img Right lateral wall of hypopharynxanatomyCUIC0926849
img Right lateral wall of internal noseanatomyCUIC0930472
img Right lateral wall of oropharynxanatomyCUIC0934458
img Right lateral wall of pharynxanatomyCUIC0926859
img Right lateral wall of vaginaanatomyCUIC0738336
img Right lateral-intermediate intercuneiform jointanatomyCUIC1183669
img Right latissimus dorsianatomyCUIC0507181
img Right latissimus dorsi tendonanatomyCUIC0830040
img Right leaf of central tendonanatomyCUIC0459046
img Right leaflet of pulmonary valveanatomyCUIC1185904
img Right least splanchnic nerveanatomyCUIC0502204
img Right leg skinanatomyCUIC0829256
img Right leg surfaceanatomyCUIC0817926
img Right lentiform nucleusanatomyCUIC2949882
img Right lesser alar cartilageanatomyCUIC0930356
img Right lesser hornanatomyCUIC0930353
img Right lesser occipital nerveanatomyCUIC0932761
img Right lesser palatine arteryanatomyCUIC0923216
img Right lesser palatine nerveanatomyCUIC0934304
img Right lesser petrosal nerveanatomyCUIC0925843
img Right lesser sciatic foramenanatomyCUIC0735795
img Right lesser sciatic notchanatomyCUIC0735693
img Right lesser splanchnic nerveanatomyCUIC0502202
img Right lesser supraclavicular fossaanatomyCUIC0836263
img Right lesser wing of sphenoidanatomyCUIC0925972
img Right lesser wing proper of sphenoidanatomyCUIC0926621
img Right levator anguli orisanatomyCUIC0921225
img Right levator anianatomyCUIC2327646
img Right levator costarumanatomyCUIC0816153
img Right levator labii superiorisanatomyCUIC0921215
img Right levator labii superioris alaeque nasianatomyCUIC0921214
img Right levator palpebrae superiorisanatomyCUIC0922667
img Right levator palpebrae superioris properanatomyCUIC0932077
img Right levator palpebrae superioris tendonanatomyCUIC0926282
img Right levator scapulaeanatomyCUIC0824568
img Right levator scapulae tendonanatomyCUIC0830062
img Right levator veli palatinianatomyCUIC0921158
img Right levator veli palatini tendonanatomyCUIC0921672
img Right levatores costarum breves setanatomyCUIC1183780
img Right levatores costarum longi setanatomyCUIC1183778
img Right levatores costarum setanatomyCUIC1183776
img Right level II lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2951981
img Right level III lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2334747
img Right level IIa lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2326351
img Right level IIb lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2338113
img Right level Ib lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2336878
img Right limbic gyrusanatomyCUIC2952605
img Right limbic lobeanatomyCUIC2324383
img Right limen nasianatomyCUIC0930484
img Right line of SchwalbeanatomyCUIC0929603
img Right lingual arterial trunkanatomyCUIC0933535
img Right lingual gyrusanatomyCUIC2331702
img Right lingual nerveanatomyCUIC0925636
img Right lingual tonsilanatomyCUIC0926699
img Right lingual veinanatomyCUIC0935234
img Right lingual venous trunkanatomyCUIC0933727
img Right lingula of mandibleanatomyCUIC0930331
img Right little fingeranatomyCUIC0934769
img Right little finger surfaceanatomyCUIC0817988
img Right little toeanatomyCUIC0930969
img Right lobar bronchus structureanatomyCUIC1282981
img Right lobe branch of hepatic plexusanatomyCUIC1183365
img Right lobe branch of right hepatic arteryanatomyCUIC1183068
img Right lobe of liveranatomyCUIC0227481
img Right lobe of transition zoneanatomyCUIC1184012
img Right lobe of transition zone of prostateanatomyCUIC1183912
img Right long dorsal sacroiliac ligamentanatomyCUIC0739555
img Right long insular gyrusanatomyCUIC2328436
img Right long plantar ligamentanatomyCUIC0834966
img Right long posterior ciliary arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1185068
img Right long posterior ciliary arteryanatomyCUIC0923320
img Right long thoracic nerveanatomyCUIC0932679
img Right longissimus capitisanatomyCUIC0816038
img Right longissimus capitis tendonanatomyCUIC0922199
img Right longissimus cervicisanatomyCUIC0816040
img Right longissimus cervicis tendonanatomyCUIC0922210
img Right longissimus muscles setanatomyCUIC0825023
img Right longissimus thoracisanatomyCUIC0816035
img Right longissimus thoracis tendonanatomyCUIC0922221
img Right longus capitisanatomyCUIC0933848
img Right longus capitis tendonanatomyCUIC0933941
img Right longus collianatomyCUIC0920799
img Right longus colli tendonanatomyCUIC0933938
img Right lower abdominal quadrant skinanatomyCUIC0816219
img Right lower canine socketanatomyCUIC0929324
img Right lower canine tooth rootanatomyCUIC0928015
img Right lower central incisor socketanatomyCUIC0929319
img Right lower central incisor tooth rootanatomyCUIC0928035
img Right lower extremityanatomyCUIC0230415
img Right lower first molar socketanatomyCUIC0929355
img Right lower first premolar socketanatomyCUIC0929336
img Right lower first premolar tooth rootanatomyCUIC0928061
img Right lower lateral incisor socketanatomyCUIC0929317
img Right lower lateral incisor tooth rootanatomyCUIC0928029
img Right lower limb (surface)anatomyCUIC0817050
img Right lower limb skeletonanatomyCUIC0817062
img Right lower limb vasculatureanatomyCUIC1184258
img Right lower lobar bronchial venous trunkanatomyCUIC1181486
img Right lower lobar lymphatic tree trunkanatomyCUIC1181407
img Right lower lobe branch of variant right bronchial arteryanatomyCUIC0824078
img Right lower lobe branch of variant right first bronchial arteryanatomyCUIC0824117
img Right lower lobe branch of variant right second bronchial arteryanatomyCUIC0824118
img Right lower lobe groove for azygos veinanatomyCUIC0507006
img Right lower lobe groove for esophagusanatomyCUIC0507012
img Right lower lung fieldanatomyCUIC0929230
img Right lower lung zoneanatomyCUIC0929214
img Right lower second molar socketanatomyCUIC0929353
img Right lower second premolar socketanatomyCUIC0929334
img Right lower second premolar tooth rootanatomyCUIC0928055
img Right lower subscapular neural trunkanatomyCUIC0932820
img Right lower superficial inguinal lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2339134
img Right lower third molar socketanatomyCUIC0929351
img Right lumbar intertransversariusanatomyCUIC0816147
img Right lumbar lymphatic treeanatomyCUIC0933329
img Right lumbar lymphatic trunkanatomyCUIC0501368
img Right lumbar lymphatic vesselanatomyCUIC2329347
img Right lumbar nerve plexusanatomyCUIC0738839
img Right lumbar part of sympathetic trunkanatomyCUIC0502217
img Right lumbar rotatoranatomyCUIC0816287
img Right lumbar spinal neural rootanatomyCUIC0815511
img Right lumbar venous trunkanatomyCUIC0933714
img Right lumbar vertebral pedicleanatomyCUIC0735038
img Right lumbosacral trunkanatomyCUIC0932866
img Right lunateanatomyCUIC0817282
img Right lunate surfaceanatomyCUIC0825432
img Right lunganatomyCUIC0225706
img Right lung fieldanatomyCUIC0929226
img Right lung zoneanatomyCUIC0929211
img Right lymphatic duct treeanatomyCUIC0933132
img Right macula luteaanatomyCUIC0935322
img Right macula lutea properanatomyCUIC0929758
img Right main bronchial submucosaanatomyCUIC0506985
img Right main bronchus properanatomyCUIC1180766
img Right main bronchus structureanatomyCUIC0225608
img Right major alar cartilage properanatomyCUIC0934707
img Right major calyxanatomyCUIC0736341
img Right major fissureanatomyCUIC0929209
img Right major sublingual ductanatomyCUIC0934744
img Right major sublingual ductal wallanatomyCUIC0930700
img Right malarisanatomyCUIC0921231
img Right male genital ductanatomyCUIC1184051
img Right male genital ductal wallanatomyCUIC2336172
img Right malleusanatomyCUIC1183766
img Right mamillary process of fifth lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0735225
img Right mamillary process of first lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0735217
img Right mamillary process of fourth lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0735223
img Right mamillary process of lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0933070
img Right mamillary process of second lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0735219
img Right mamillary process of third lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0735221
img Right mammary lymphatic plexusanatomyCUIC1183672
img Right mammillary arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1185300
img Right mammillary arteryanatomyCUIC0923689
img Right mandibular incisureanatomyCUIC0930340
img Right mandibular nerveanatomyCUIC0925477
img Right marginal sinusanatomyCUIC0934259
img Right marginal veinanatomyCUIC0501099
img Right marginal venous treeanatomyCUIC0923575
img Right masseteranatomyCUIC0922635
img Right masseteric arteryanatomyCUIC0923167
img Right masseteric nerveanatomyCUIC0925556
img Right masseteric nerve properanatomyCUIC0925616
img Right masseteric veinanatomyCUIC0935233
img Right masseteric venous trunkanatomyCUIC1186615
img Right masticator compartmentanatomyCUIC0926862
img Right mastoid antrumanatomyCUIC0927246
img Right mastoid emissary veinanatomyCUIC0924799
img Right mastoid foramenanatomyCUIC0927613
img Right mastoid notchanatomyCUIC0927129
img Right mastoid part of headanatomyCUIC0931995
img Right mastoid processanatomyCUIC0925410
img Right maxillaanatomyCUIC0925969
img Right maxillary arterial trunkanatomyCUIC0935064
img Right maxillary arteryanatomyCUIC0923119
img Right maxillary hiatusanatomyCUIC0929120
img Right maxillary nerveanatomyCUIC0935238
img Right maxillary sinus structureanatomyCUIC0225452
img Right maxillary surfaceanatomyCUIC0928948
img Right maxillary tuberosityanatomyCUIC0929096
img Right maxillary veinanatomyCUIC0923976
img Right maxillary venous trunkanatomyCUIC1186345
img Right medial accessory saphenous veinanatomyCUIC0835030
img Right medial arcuate ligamentanatomyCUIC0929539
img Right medial basal branch of variant right bronchial arteryanatomyCUIC0824113
img Right medial basal bronchopulmonary subsegmentanatomyCUIC1181368
img Right medial basal segmental bronchial venous trunkanatomyCUIC1181508
img Right medial basal segmental bronchial wallanatomyCUIC1179225
img Right medial basal segmental lymphatic tree trunkanatomyCUIC1181429
img Right medial basal segmental venous trunkanatomyCUIC1181141
img Right medial brachial veinanatomyCUIC1178863
img Right medial brachial venous trunkanatomyCUIC1186447
img Right medial branch of variant right bronchial arteryanatomyCUIC0824111
img Right medial calcanean arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1181925
img Right medial calcanean arteryanatomyCUIC1181895
img Right medial circumflex femoral arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1186048
img Right medial circumflex femoral arteryanatomyCUIC0738955
img Right medial circumflex femoral veinanatomyCUIC0835531
img Right medial cuneiform bone surfaceanatomyCUIC0825461
img Right medial dorsal cutaneous nerveanatomyCUIC0835935
img Right medial femoral cutaneous nerveanatomyCUIC0835842
img Right medial frontobasal arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1185187
img Right medial frontobasal arteryanatomyCUIC0923600
img Right medial inferior genicular arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1181627
img Right medial inguinal fossaanatomyCUIC0739149
img Right medial inguinal fossa (space)anatomyCUIC0735420
img Right medial ischiofemoral ligamentanatomyCUIC0834050
img Right medial lumbar intertransversariusanatomyCUIC0816151
img Right medial malleolar arterial networkanatomyCUIC1181908
img Right medial malleolusanatomyCUIC0827204
img Right medial marginal veinanatomyCUIC0835524
img Right medial meniscusanatomyCUIC0835276
img Right medial occipitotemporal gyrusanatomyCUIC2953161
img Right medial orbital gyrusanatomyCUIC2332861
img Right medial palpebral arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1185156
img Right medial palpebral commissureanatomyCUIC0930226
img Right medial paracolic gutteranatomyCUIC0734056
img Right medial patellar retinaculumanatomyCUIC0835251
img Right medial pectoral nerveanatomyCUIC0932685
img Right medial plantar arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1181928
img Right medial plantar arteryanatomyCUIC0834675
img Right medial plantar nerveanatomyCUIC0836004
img Right medial posterior superior nasal nerveanatomyCUIC0925351
img Right medial pterygoidanatomyCUIC0934025
img Right medial pterygoid tendonanatomyCUIC0926191
img Right medial rectusanatomyCUIC0922673
img Right medial rectus tendonanatomyCUIC0926469
img Right medial scalene muscleanatomyCUIC0920803
img Right medial superior genicular arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1181617
img Right medial superior genicular arteryanatomyCUIC0815910
img Right medial supraclavicular nerveanatomyCUIC0934465
img Right medial sural arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1181631
img Right medial sural cutaneous nerveanatomyCUIC0835992
img Right medial talocalcaneal ligamentanatomyCUIC0834994
img Right medial tarsal arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1181715
img Right medial tarsal arteryanatomyCUIC1181674
img Right medial umbilical foldanatomyCUIC0735398
img Right medial umbilical ligamentanatomyCUIC0735412
img Right medial vestibular nucleusanatomyCUIC0934435
img Right medial-intermediate intercuneiform jointanatomyCUIC1183663
img Right median antebrachial venous trunkanatomyCUIC1186463
img Right median cubital veinanatomyCUIC0816197
img Right median cubital venous trunkanatomyCUIC1186460
img Right median lobe of prostateanatomyCUIC1183806
img Right median nerveanatomyCUIC0828652
img Right mediastinal pleuraanatomyCUIC0504174
img Right membranous labyrinth sacculeanatomyCUIC0931594
img Right membranous labyrinth utricleanatomyCUIC0931591
img Right meningeal veinanatomyCUIC0923912
img Right meningeal venous trunkanatomyCUIC0933724
img Right meniscofemoral ligamentanatomyCUIC0835286
img Right mental nerveanatomyCUIC0925660
img Right mentalisanatomyCUIC0921227
img Right mesometriumanatomyCUIC0738135
img Right mesosalpinxanatomyCUIC0738130
img Right mesovariumanatomyCUIC0738133
img Right metacarpus surfaceanatomyCUIC0817972
img Right metatarsal bones setanatomyCUIC2327747
img Right metatarsophalangeal jointanatomyCUIC0827035
img Right metatarsusanatomyCUIC0817706
img Right metatarsus surfaceanatomyCUIC0818086
img Right midaxillary lineanatomyCUIC0738488
img Right midcarpal jointanatomyCUIC0827088
img Right midclavicular lineanatomyCUIC0738479
img Right midclavicular line of abdomenanatomyCUIC0738483
img Right midclavicular line of thoraxanatomyCUIC0738481
img Right middle cerebral arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1178995
img Right middle cerebral arterial wallanatomyCUIC1180194
img Right middle cervical ganglionanatomyCUIC0501857
img Right middle clinoid processanatomyCUIC0926606
img Right middle colic arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1184963
img Right middle colic arteryanatomyCUIC0739586
img Right middle constrictoranatomyCUIC0921091
img Right middle ear compartmentanatomyCUIC1179591
img Right middle ear structureanatomyCUIC0229353
img Right middle ethmoidal cellanatomyCUIC0934551
img Right middle fingeranatomyCUIC0934770
img Right middle finger surfaceanatomyCUIC0817984
img Right middle frontal gyrusanatomyCUIC2339759
img Right middle genicular arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1181620
img Right middle genicular arteryanatomyCUIC0815890
img Right middle glenohumeral ligamentanatomyCUIC0827196
img Right middle lung fieldanatomyCUIC0929435
img Right middle macular arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1185062
img Right middle macular arterioleanatomyCUIC0924727
img Right middle macular veinanatomyCUIC0924776
img Right middle meatal wall properanatomyCUIC0930591
img Right middle meningeal arteryanatomyCUIC0923143
img Right middle meningeal veinanatomyCUIC0924002
img Right middle meningeal venous trunkanatomyCUIC1186612
img Right middle nasal conchaanatomyCUIC0928861
img Right middle nasal meatusanatomyCUIC0934554
img Right middle nasal meatus properanatomyCUIC0930526
img Right middle radio-ulnar jointanatomyCUIC0830659
img Right middle rectal arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1182205
img Right middle rectal arteryanatomyCUIC0737382
img Right middle rectal veinanatomyCUIC0737431
img Right middle short insular gyrusanatomyCUIC2950283
img Right middle superior alveolar nerveanatomyCUIC0925451
img Right middle suprarenal arteryanatomyCUIC0734074
img Right middle talar articular surfaceanatomyCUIC0825596
img Right middle temporal arteryanatomyCUIC0923114
img Right middle temporal gyrusanatomyCUIC2339358
img Right middle temporal veinanatomyCUIC0934162
img Right middle temporal venous trunkanatomyCUIC1186339
img Right middle thyroid veinanatomyCUIC0923903
img Right middle thyroid venous trunkanatomyCUIC0935093
img Right middle transverse frontopolar gyrusanatomyCUIC2950522
img Right midpalmar fascial spaceanatomyCUIC0929667
img Right minor calyxanatomyCUIC0737304
img Right minor sublingual ductanatomyCUIC0930685
img Right minor sublingual ductal wallanatomyCUIC0930698
img Right motor cortexanatomyCUIC2336541
img Right multifidusanatomyCUIC0816129
img Right multifidus cervicisanatomyCUIC0816135
img Right multifidus cervicis tendonanatomyCUIC0922294
img Right multifidus groupanatomyCUIC0825033
img Right multifidus lumborumanatomyCUIC0816131
img Right multifidus lumborum tendonanatomyCUIC0922319
img Right multifidus thoracisanatomyCUIC0816133
img Right multifidus thoracis tendonanatomyCUIC0922306
img Right musculocutaneous nerveanatomyCUIC0828650
img Right musculocutaneous neural trunkanatomyCUIC0932676
img Right musculophrenic arterial trunkanatomyCUIC0933614
img Right musculophrenic arteryanatomyCUIC0504808
img Right musculophrenic veinanatomyCUIC0501131
img Right musculophrenic venous trunkanatomyCUIC1186565
img Right musculotubal canalanatomyCUIC0927331
img Right musculus uvulaeanatomyCUIC0921161
img Right mylohyoidanatomyCUIC0921038
img Right mylohyoid grooveanatomyCUIC0934697
img Right mylohyoid lineanatomyCUIC0930308
img Right nasal boneanatomyCUIC0925968
img Right nasal bone surfaceanatomyCUIC0928942
img Right nasal foraminaanatomyCUIC0929034
img Right nasal muscles setanatomyCUIC1183752
img Right nasal notchanatomyCUIC0929088
img Right nasal vestibuleanatomyCUIC0930456
img Right nasalisanatomyCUIC0927202
img Right nasociliary nerveanatomyCUIC0925286
img Right nasofrontal veinanatomyCUIC0924705
img Right nasolacrimal duct structureanatomyCUIC0229294
img Right nasolacrimal ductal wallanatomyCUIC0934723
img Right nasomaxillary sutureanatomyCUIC0925482
img Right nasopalatine nerveanatomyCUIC0925361
img Right navicular tuberosity surfaceanatomyCUIC0826650
img Right neck of mandibleanatomyCUIC0930333
img Right neocortexanatomyCUIC2334060
img Right neostriatumanatomyCUIC2326039
img Right neurocentral junction of cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0817741
img Right neurocentral junction of eighth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0818766
img Right neurocentral junction of eleventh thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0818772
img Right neurocentral junction of fifth cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0818594
img Right neurocentral junction of fifth lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0818791
img Right neurocentral junction of fifth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0818760
img Right neurocentral junction of first lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0818783
img Right neurocentral junction of first sacral segmentanatomyCUIC0824479
img Right neurocentral junction of first thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0818752
img Right neurocentral junction of fourth cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0818592
img Right neurocentral junction of fourth lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0818789
img Right neurocentral junction of fourth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0818758
img Right neurocentral junction of lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0818776
img Right neurocentral junction of ninth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0818768
img Right neurocentral junction of sacral segmentanatomyCUIC1183339
img Right neurocentral junction of second lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0818785
img Right neurocentral junction of second thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0818754
img Right neurocentral junction of seventh cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0818598
img Right neurocentral junction of seventh thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0818764
img Right neurocentral junction of sixth cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0818596
img Right neurocentral junction of sixth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0818762
img Right neurocentral junction of tenth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0818770
img Right neurocentral junction of third cervical vertebraanatomyCUIC0818590
img Right neurocentral junction of third lumbar vertebraanatomyCUIC0818787
img Right neurocentral junction of third thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0818756
img Right neurocentral junction of thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0818738
img Right neurocentral junction of twelfth thoracic vertebraanatomyCUIC0818774
img Right neurocentral junction of vertebraanatomyCUIC0817371
img Right neurovascular bundle of prostateanatomyCUIC0836252
img Right ninth anterior intercostal arteryanatomyCUIC0504810
img Right ninth anterior intercostal veinanatomyCUIC0501134
img Right ninth anterior intercostal venous trunkanatomyCUIC1186586
img Right ninth costal cartilageanatomyCUIC0503132
img Right ninth costochondral jointanatomyCUIC0504336
img Right ninth costotransverse foramenanatomyCUIC0504514
img Right ninth costotransverse jointanatomyCUIC0504508
img Right ninth external intercostal muscleanatomyCUIC0504119
img Right ninth innermost intercostal muscleanatomyCUIC1182874
img Right ninth intercostal lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2327379
img Right ninth internal intercostal muscleanatomyCUIC0504143
img Right ninth levator costaeanatomyCUIC2327421
img Right ninth posterior intercostal arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1181571
img Right ninth posterior intercostal arteryanatomyCUIC0500798
img Right ninth posterior thoracic radicular veinanatomyCUIC0504962
img Right ninth ribanatomyCUIC0503113
img Right ninth rib tubercleanatomyCUIC0503122
img Right ninth thoracic dorsal root ganglionanatomyCUIC0501759
img Right ninth thoracic nerveanatomyCUIC0501685
img Right ninth thoracic neural rootanatomyCUIC0815541
img Right ninth thoracic neural rootletanatomyCUIC0815605
img Right ninth thoracic neural trunkanatomyCUIC0502509
img Right ninth thoracic radicular veinanatomyCUIC0504960
img Right ninth thoracic rotatoranatomyCUIC2330281
img Right ninth thoracic spinal veinanatomyCUIC0501238
img Right nipple lineanatomyCUIC0738517
img Right nonvisual retinaanatomyCUIC0929713
img Right nucleus ambiguusanatomyCUIC0935272
img Right oblique arytenoidanatomyCUIC0921053
img Right oblique arytenoid properanatomyCUIC0921068
img Right oblique line of mandibleanatomyCUIC0934695
img Right oblique line of thyroid cartilageanatomyCUIC0926987
img Right oblique popliteal ligamentanatomyCUIC0835247
img Right obliquus capitis inferioranatomyCUIC0920949
img Right obliquus capitis superioranatomyCUIC0920947
img Right obliquus capitis superior tendonanatomyCUIC0921958
img Right obturator arterial trunkanatomyCUIC0933522
img Right obturator arteryanatomyCUIC0737409
img Right obturator canalanatomyCUIC0818311
img Right obturator externusanatomyCUIC0815702
img Right obturator externus tendonanatomyCUIC0935142
img Right obturator foramenanatomyCUIC0735765
img Right obturator internusanatomyCUIC0815700
img Right obturator internus tendonanatomyCUIC0922859
img Right obturator membraneanatomyCUIC0818307
img Right obturator nerveanatomyCUIC0735384
img Right obturator neural trunkanatomyCUIC0932844
img Right obturator veinanatomyCUIC0737445
img Right occipital arterial trunkanatomyCUIC0933540
img Right occipital arteryanatomyCUIC0923057
img Right occipital condyleanatomyCUIC0925402
img Right occipital diploic veinanatomyCUIC0924885
img Right occipital grooveanatomyCUIC0927132
img Right occipital lobe structureanatomyCUIC0228218
img Right occipital lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2336157
img Right occipital poleanatomyCUIC2953587
img Right occipital veinanatomyCUIC0934199
img Right occipital zone of scalpanatomyCUIC2325163
img Right occipitomastoid sutureanatomyCUIC0925479
img Right oculomotor nerveanatomyCUIC0923929
img Right oculomotor neural trunkanatomyCUIC0932787
img Right olecranonanatomyCUIC0825622
img Right olecranon fossaanatomyCUIC0816589
img Right olecranon processanatomyCUIC0816757
img Right olfactory gyrus veinanatomyCUIC0924221
img Right olfactory nerveanatomyCUIC0925231
img Right olfactory part of nasal cavityanatomyCUIC0935339
img Right omohyoidanatomyCUIC0920794
img Right ophthalmic arterial trunkanatomyCUIC1182589
img Right ophthalmic arteryanatomyCUIC0923265
img Right ophthalmic nerveanatomyCUIC0925248
img Right opponens pollicisanatomyCUIC0828927
img Right optic axisanatomyCUIC0929432
img Right optic canalanatomyCUIC0926661
img Right optic discanatomyCUIC0929729
img Right optic tractanatomyCUIC1179137
img Right ora serrataanatomyCUIC0934631
img Right orbicularis oculianatomyCUIC0921205
img Right orbitanatomyCUIC0934325
img Right orbit roofanatomyCUIC0925537
img Right orbital compartmentanatomyCUIC0926578
img Right orbital openinganatomyCUIC0926408
img Right orbital part of frontal boneanatomyCUIC0926580
img Right orbital part proper of frontal boneanatomyCUIC0926586
img Right orbital plate of ethmoidanatomyCUIC0934552
img Right orbital septumanatomyCUIC0930234
img Right orbital surface of frontal boneanatomyCUIC0928816
img Right orbital surface proper of frontal boneanatomyCUIC0934545
img Right orbitalisanatomyCUIC0922662
img Right orifice of transverse sinusanatomyCUIC0507790
img Right osseous cochlear canalanatomyCUIC1184843
img Right otic ganglionanatomyCUIC0925872
img Right ovarian arterial trunkanatomyCUIC0933491
img Right ovarian arteryanatomyCUIC0553509
img Right ovarian cortical stromaanatomyCUIC0737275
img Right ovarian fossaanatomyCUIC0739155
img Right ovarian fossa (space)anatomyCUIC0739060
img Right ovarian ligamentanatomyCUIC0927073
img Right ovarian medullary stromaanatomyCUIC0737273
img Right ovarian venous trunkanatomyCUIC0933763
img Right ovary surfaceanatomyCUIC0737203
img Right palatine boneanatomyCUIC0925974
img Right palatoglossal archanatomyCUIC0926825
img Right palatoglossusanatomyCUIC0921143
img Right palatomaxillary sutureanatomyCUIC0925485
img Right palatopharyngeal archanatomyCUIC0926827
img Right palatopharyngeal ridgeanatomyCUIC0934457
img Right palatopharyngeusanatomyCUIC0921123
img Right palm (surface)anatomyCUIC0817076
img Right palm properanatomyCUIC0931854
img Right palmar intercarpal ligamentanatomyCUIC0833218
img Right palmar metacarpal arteryanatomyCUIC0816115
img Right palmar metacarpal veinanatomyCUIC0816166
img Right palmar radiocarpal ligamentanatomyCUIC0831163
img Right palmar ulnocarpal ligamentanatomyCUIC0831167
img Right palmaris brevisanatomyCUIC0828931
img Right palmaris longusanatomyCUIC0829827
img Right palmaris longus tendonanatomyCUIC0829939
img Right palpebral fissureanatomyCUIC0930046
img Right palpebronasal foldanatomyCUIC0930262
img Right paracaval tributary of right hepatic veinanatomyCUIC0734882
img Right paracentral lobuleanatomyCUIC2336453
img Right parahippocampal gyrusanatomyCUIC2335378
img Right parameatal vestibular fossaanatomyCUIC1184380
img Right paranephric fatanatomyCUIC1183945
img Right pararectal fossaanatomyCUIC0738098
img Right pararenal fatanatomyCUIC0738698
img Right parasternal lineanatomyCUIC0738514
img Right parasternal lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2331384
img Right parasternal lymphatic vesselanatomyCUIC2336975
img Right paraterminal gyrusanatomyCUIC2329467
img Right paratracheal lymphatic chainanatomyCUIC2325544
img Right paratracheal part of chestanatomyCUIC0929180
img Right paratracheal zoneanatomyCUIC0929438
img Right paraurethral glandanatomyCUIC0738344
img Right paravertebral lineanatomyCUIC0738520
img Right paravesical fossaanatomyCUIC0735404
img Right parietal boneanatomyCUIC0925353
img Right parietal bone properanatomyCUIC0928524
img Right parietal bone surfaceanatomyCUIC0928960
img Right parietal emissary veinanatomyCUIC0924797
img Right parietal occipital arteryanatomyCUIC0923854
img Right parietal part of headanatomyCUIC0932003
img Right parietal tuberanatomyCUIC0928520
img Right parietal veinanatomyCUIC0934198